Secondary Coaches: This One Is For You

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 26, 2019

It takes two sides of any competition to make it just that…competition. Much is made of the passing game this time of year as the ball is in the air across the nation for 7on7 events. Today we want to flip the script and talk to our defensive back coaching brethren for a moment.

Yes, we feel your pain because this time of year you are out there defending all of those passing game concepts that the offensive gurus like to throw at you . It is also not lost on us that you are defending them without a pass rush.

The offensive coaches are going to say that there is a timer or a stop watch on the quarterback and that make it fair but honestly, no quarterback ever got hit and sacked by a stopwatch and yes that is a factor.

Still, this is a good exercise for both sides of the ball and the good secondary coaches take it for what it’s worth and teach concepts that will carry over into the fall. FirstDown PlayBook takes some time today to show the defensive back coaches just how much help is in the new Draw and Edit tool for you and your “No Fly Zone” guys. Secondary coaches, this one’s for you!


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