See You In Nashville!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 9, 2020

It seems a little weird this year having the convention a week later this year because of the calendar doesn’t it? Well it’s finally here and we know that coaches are pointed to Nashville from all points across the country and globe.

First things first. We were young coaches at one time too. We remember the days of driving across the country to the AFCA convention hoping we could see that head coach at (insert D2 school name here) because he had a job opening. If you are one of these young coaches, be careful driving. We want you around for the 2020 season.

FirstDown PlayBook will be in Nashville but we are taking a different approach this year. We have found that it’s darn near impossible to talk to more than one of you at a time with a 10×10 booth so it’s just not the most productive way to do it.

This year we will offer a FirstDown PlayBook webinar every day of the week. This is a very big booth! We can seat as many as one hundred of you at one time. So please grab us in Nashville and if you want to learn more about FirstDown PlayBook you can do it from your desk right here!

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