Shield Punt Fakes Today!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 15, 2017

The ability to execute a successful fake punt can be dependent on a lot of things. The game situation, field position and the risk level that the defense is willing take are all factors that may actually outweigh the fake punt scheme itself.

That’s why as we began working on adding more Shield Punt fakes this month we quickly realized it’s not an exact science. For starters a Shield Punt formation is a fake punt waiting to happen most of the time just because of the alignments and splits involved with this scheme. There are plenty of options personnel and scheme wise.

Our conclusion on how to approach this for the time being is that today we will get you punt fakes that can generally be good against different looks and come back later to group them. Soon we will specialize a little more with fakes to run vs a single look and potentially check out of vs a bad look. So when you get into our Special Teams “Trick For Six” section there will be new fakes of the garden variety. Just know we are going to begin categorizing them soon!


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