Short Yardage And Goal Line Is Live!
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 11, 2015


FirstDown PlayBook is excited to announce that we released our Short Yardage and Goal Line section yesterday and you can try it out for free! This will grow just like the rest of the FirstDown PlayBook but there is already a ton of helpful information in there.



All of these run plays are drawn up against an odd and an even defense. The short yardage plays they are drawn up vs a 3-4 and also vs a 4-3. We will soon be adding play-action passes that compliment these run plays as well as adding DropBack pass plays for you high rollers out there that want to take a shoot on 3rd and 1! Bang on the Diamond Double Lead play below to get a free look.


The Goal Line section is very similar except we have drawn these run plays vs a 5-3 Goal Line and a 6-2 Goal Line. These plays are often called at critical points in the game where one yard is the difference in winning and losing. Also these plays are good for youth football coaches who want to get a little more sophisticated with their run game vs the popular 6-2 and 5-3 used on normal down and distances. Take a look for free by tapping on the Z Iso below!

Goal Line Final


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