Short Yardage & Goal Line Ready For 2019
By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 16, 2019

Many coaches handle short yardage and goal line situations differently than the way coaches did at one point in football history. Back in the day, if a coach needed one yard to score or a foot to move the chains he would get his big personnel on the field in a hurry.

When we say big personnel, this could mean 23 personnel on the goal line or maybe even 23 personnel with extra offensive linemen in the game. Short yardage could see the same thing but most coordinators would leave at least one receiver on the field to show a threat of a deep ball.

As we all know, this game situation has changed quite a bit. Many coaches choose to stay with their normal offense and have been quite successful doing so. These are often the coaches who are not scared to throw the ball down the field on third and one inch.

We have seen this work out splendidly and we have also seen modern day coaches who could not get a first down in a critical short yardage or goal line situation with this philosophy. We have also seen football games lost that were mathematically already won if the offense could just get one inch and a new set of downs.

Regardless of what your philosophy is with short yardage and goal line situations it is important to have it decided and coordinated before you get to the field and especially the game. FirstDown PlayBook is the king of situational football and as you watch this short video you will see that we have your short yardage and goal line sections ready for you too, regardless of what your philosophy is.

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