Showcasing Arik Armstead’s Double Swipe Pass Rush Move

By Will Cinelli on Apr 15, 2021

It’s a pretty fundamental rule. You can’t be a great defensive lineman without great use of hands. There are lots of different hand moves that good DL can have in their arsenal, and today we’ll look at the double-swipe move, showcased here by 49ers DL Arik Armstead.

Notice how Armstead clearly has this move in mind from the start of the play. A good pass rush always starts with a good plan, so that’s key here. He expands and loads up his hands to set up the move. Armstead goads the OL into extending his arms and takes full advantage. He times the chop of his hands well and the positioning is close to perfect as he pins the OL’s hands.

Finally, note how Armstead’s hands work in conjunction with his feet. The double-swipe doesn’t slow the rush at all, as Armstead continues to work up the field and win the leverage game and get through the block, putting quick pressure on the QB.

A great DL will have a number of these hand-fighting techniques in his arsenal along with a plan for when to pull them out of his bag. A well-executed array of moves will keep the OL off-balance all day and enable the rusher to make it a long day for the passer. 

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