Shutting Down The Youth Football Spread Offense

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 9, 2019

It’s that time of year again when some youth football coaches get mad at us. That’s right. This short blog will surely elicit anger from youth football coaches who are pretty sure they are coaching the next nine year old Patrick Mahomes. this means they want to run a youth football spread offense.

These coaches have watched enough football on tv to understand that if you spread the field with your youth football offense then the defense is likely to do the same. After all, they have to right? If they don’t your quarterback will throw touchdown passes all day long.

Truth be known, these coaches want you to spread the field with them so that the numbers inside of the tackles become more favorable for their run game. When a defense spreads the field with a spread offense at the youth level what normally happens is that quarterback or running back take the game over with their legs.

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Now there is nothing wrong with this unless you have a youth football contest that features one talented player dominating the game as everyone else spreads out across the field. Here at FirstDown PlayBook we think youth football should be about the fundamentals and tools that are the building blocks of the game.

So today we are going to take this youtube video from a few years back to explain more about how you can defend this type of youth football offense. If you like what you see you should come on over to the new FirstDown PlayBook Draw and Edit tool and start working on your defensive plan to shut down the next youth football spread team you face! FirstDown PlayBook even has “Spread Beater” Defenses already drawn up for you.


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