Simple Ways To Throw With Your Young Flag Footballers

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 7, 2020

The only thing harder than completing a pass in the NFL might be completing one with your 6-7 year old flag football team. Trust us on this one because we have coached at both levels.

What often times ends up happening with a young flag football team is the coach gets frustrated and just hands the ball off every time. This takes a lot of the fun out of the game, not to mention excluding an important skill set that needs to be taught.

Here at FirstDown PlayBook we try to help you out with this. Not only do we provide you with the best draw and edit tool out there but we also help you with plays. You will not find a bigger library of flag football plays and defenses anywhere else.

In the short video below we also show you how you can draw and edit your own plays. This comes in handy when you are trying to throw the ball with your 8 year old quarterback. Take a look to see what we mean.

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