Single Wing F Throwback Trick Play

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 2, 2021

I mean, as if the Single Wing offense was not hard enough to defend there are some sneaky ways to create trick plays off of it as well. Today’s youth football play come from our youth football Single Wing formation section.

If you run this offense you know that teams are going to begin to overload the unbalanced wing side. This is good coaching on their part because the Single Wing is designed to take advantage of a defense that will not adjust.

However, even if a defense adjusts they are going to have to understand who is eligible and defend it. This is a nice little trick play that is easy to execute and helps keep the defense honest.

You can slip a tight end in the game on the backside of this formation to play F. You could also give one of your big guys an opportunity of a lifetime to catch this pass with nothing but a lot of green grass in front of them!

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