Six Man Football Vs Multiple Defenses

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 30, 2020

If there is one thing you learn about coaching football, it’s that there is always more to learn. Our recent work with the six man football game has reaffirmed that in a big way.

Honestly we thought that our work with the six man game would be fairly simple. I mean when you have all off these eleven man football plays, you just adapt those right?

Not so fast. This six man game is a totally different game. The rules like the ones that don’t allow your quarterback to run the football or that actually make all players eligible for a pass change everything.

Like every other section in FirstDown PlayBook we are grinding through it though. Attention to detail will be a big part of this FirstDown PlayBook section, just as it is in the other areas of the Varsity section.

Today’s short video explains how we will block all of the six man plays up vs multiple defenses just like we do the eleven man plays. Why do we do that? So you won’t have to of course.

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