Smash Concept From Waggle Protection

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 23, 2021

Pushing the ball down the field off of play action pass is not a new thing. However, it can be a hard thing for a young quarterback with an undeveloped arm. That’s one of the reasons we like this smash concept off of waggle protection.

A lot of play action passes take your quarterback further into the backfield after the fake. Granted we categorize this pass as a boot in FirstDown PlayBook, but waggle protection brings a little bit more to the table than a normal boot pass.

For starters, it gets a guard out in front of the quarterback for added protection. This is part of the reason we can push the ball down the field with this play. This is important because your quarterback is going to need additional time in order to get the longer throw off.

The primary reason we like this play is that you can get a young quarterback moving into the throw. That’s a big deal. Your quarterback is going to turn his back on this fake. When he comes out of the fake it will help that he is attacking the launch point for the throw.

The Waggle protection with the smash concept is great but there are other waggle schemes. You can always get that backside X involved or run different combinations frontside. There are plenty more in FirstDown PlayBook where this came from. For now though, let’s take a look at the coaching points for this football play.


COMES OFF OF THIS RUN PLAY: Inside zone weak

PROTECTION: Waggle (Offside Guard is pulling)

PLAY: Waggle Strong 471 (Smash Concept)

QB Action: Fake inside zone and boot leg opposite.




-QB will reverse out and execute run fake away.
-QB will use boot action away gaining depth initially from the LOS.
-The QB must get his head around and look for targets high to low.
-The QB will stay on the move and break the pocket as he goes thru his read.
-QB will progress thru the read always aware that running the ball is an option.

-The Z will sell the backside cutoff block with patience. He is the third read.
-The Z can look inside and see the QB’s timing to know when to execute the return.
-The Over route must gain ground across the field as he gains depth.
-The F will use best release and keep the Corner route high vs cover 2.
-The Y is patient as he sells the back side block and will pin the DE late.
-The pulling Guard will fit outside of the TE ad protect outside in.