Snoop Special Stars: Great Day With Great People

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 2, 2017

The game of football can end up giving you many privileges if you stay in and around it long enough. Yesterday was one of those  privileged days as FirstDown PlayBook spent a great portion of the morning at the first annual Snoop Special Stars camp at the football practice fields on the UCLA campus.

This was a free event for special needs kids in the area that was sponsored by the Snoop Youth Football League and Snoop Dog himself. The event featured pioneer football player/coach Dr Jen Welter as well as UCLA and NFL great DeShaun Foster. The kids were all treated to a day of free football drills and instruction from Welter, Foster and a host of other guest coaches who came out to enjoy the day with the kids.

It’s at this point that it would be easy to let it go at that but that would in no way do the day justice if we stopped right here. There was so much more to this day than just a camp to teach kids football.  This day was about pure passion and fun. The kids themselves, much as the name of the camp indicates, were the stars when it came to providing the enjoyment. They were of all ages and sizes and they were all having a blast playing football and of course getting to play it with one of their heroes, Snoop Dog! When we say playing football with Snoop that is exactly what we mean too. Snoop didn’t just sponsor the camp. He was right up in the middle of everything going on and the kids absolutely loved it!

There are plenty of famous celeberties who have events for people and causes that they care about and we take our hats off to them for that. However, rarely have we seen someone put as much energy and enthusiasm as Snoop did yesterday. Not only did he spend most of the day with the kids, he participated and coached the camp most of the afternoon and could often be seen on the ground having as much if not more fun than the campers themselves!

Maybe when you get right down to it that is what the day was really about, it was just about the kids and the fun they were having and also just how contagious it was. Contagious enough to have the adults running, jumping, diving and even leading cheers with the cheerleading squad throughout the course of the afternoon.


From our vantage point most if not every camper had an opportunity to meet Snoop, shake his hand, have their picture taken with him and some even tackled him a time or two. As the camp concluded Snoop made a great point that he wanted to have this day to do something for the special needs kids and their parents. Something to let the parents know that we recognize the challenges of raising a special needs child each and every day. That message resonated and hit home.

So here’s to yesterday and all of the fun shared by the kids and adults alike. We hope that this can become an annual event and even one that spreads across the country to other cities. In a world where these days a feel good story seems to be hard to come by, this story was felt by a lot of folks of all ages, situations and backgrounds.

We salute Snoop and everyone who helped make it a great day!


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