Speaking At The Nebraska Coaches Clinic

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 28, 2021

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Nebraska High School Coaches Clinic over the past two days. This clinic was very well run. Many people devoted their time to make it come off as well as it did.

The Nebraska Coaches Association teamed up with the National High School Athletic Coaches Association for this year’s clinic and that made it even stronger. There were coaches there from several other states.

I spoke to the 11 man football coaches on Tuesday. Today I spoke to the 8 man football and 6 man football coaches as well. Going into the clinic, I wrestled with a topic that I could speak on that would cross all three of these divisions.

I ended up mixing and matching a little to custom fit each talk. I also covered the fundamentals and techniques that are involved with covering a kick. At the end of the day, these fundamentals are the same regardless of the number of players win the field.

We backed this up with about 20 minutes of tape with each group. I tied in some of the techniques we had covered like “Lane Replace’ ‘Contain” and “Stack & Fold”.

It was interesting to me that as you looked at an example of an 11 man coverage scheme and began to subtract players, it was important which techniques you eliminated.

It is important that your scheme fits just like you would want your defense to fit. As you can see in the 8 man football diagram above, we have the luxury of having “Shoulder” players on both sides of the ball.

When you get to 6 man football you have to make a decision between between your “Contain” players and your “Shoulder” players. We all understand that we need “Contain” players, so this is why we designed the coverage like this.

As we were editing the diagrams it reinforced how powerful FirstDown PlayBook is. We were subtracting players and editing lines on the field but it was a quick and easy process. It did not take a lot to convert an 11 man play into an 8 man football or a 6 man football play.

At the end of the day the Nebraska Coaches Clinic was as much of a learning experience as it was a teaching one. That’s not a bad thing. Hopefully the coaches I spoke with came away with a few things that will help them. I know that I learned a lot and was glad for it.

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