Special Teams Checklists Even More Critical This Year

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 18, 2020

We don’t care where you are or what schedule you are on, training camp is going to be weird this year. Here at FirstDown PlayBook, we still talk to a lot of football coaches. The stories coming from training camp are unlike any we have experienced.

Coaches are doing a great job of adjusting, as are the players. We got to thinking about the NFL teams who will kick the ball off for the first time in September and it will be for real. Trust us when we say that is going to be interesting.

All of this made us think about the early season mistakes that are going to be a part of this season at all levels of football. One area that is often neglected even when things are normal is special teams. The special teams coaches out there are going to have to be as organized and as disciplined as they have ever been.

Having a checklist for your overall special teams plan and for each individual phase is going to be critical. Today’s short video touches on that and also about how you can avoid the pitfalls of shortchanging something that will cost you a ballgame early in the season.

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