Special Teams Clinic #2 Outline

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 24, 2020

FirstDown PlayBook will be back with your Special Teams Clinic series tomorrow night at 9:00 ET. This will be the second of six webinars that we will present. FirstDown PlayBook founder and former NFL and SEC Special Teams coach Charlie Coiner will head it up.

Tomorrow night’s clinic will feature Punt and specifically Shield and Rugby punt schemes and technique. Below, you will find a rough outline of what will be covered. Questions are welcome and there will be a Q&A session at the end of the clinic. We will stay until every question has been fielded and hopefully answered.

Any who attended last week’s clinic knows we don’t waste a lot of time on philosophy. It is ball pretty much from the get go, so do not be late. This is designed to give you a few things that might help you. We are not trying to recruit your players and we have nothing to hide because we don’t play you this year!

This is a Zoom webinar and the seats are limited. Just a note, registering does not guarantee you a seat so coaches are advised to get there early so Zoom does not lock you out!

Shield Punt Clinic Outline

  • Importance of a Snapper
  • Find a Philosophy & 2 Changeups. (No More)
  • Basic Shield Punt Scheme
  • Man Protection Technique
  • Zone Protection Technique
  • Shield Protection Technique
  • Rugby Punt Scheme
  • Front Rugby Technique
  • Shield Rugby Technique
  • Interior Coverage Principles & Techniques
  • Missile Coverage Principles & Techniques
  • Video

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