Special Teams Game Changer…Literally

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 19, 2019

Odds are you didn’t do a ton of special teams work in spring practice. That’s pretty normal unless you are at an established college program or an NFL team. However, that does not mean that you, as the coach should wait until the fall to start working on this.

The good news is that FirstDown PlayBook has been grinding during the months of April and May on this section. We always have said that FirstDown PlayBook brings more value to a football coach with just this one section than most people offer you with all three phases.

Now that you have the ability to go in and edit this area it’s just icing on the cake and time that you do not have to spend drawing special teams schemes this year. Taking this off of your plate as a FirstDown PlayBook coach is a game changer, literally.

This phase is often so neglected that the game plan is to just do the same thing week in and week out because you do not have time to teach a scheme that would actually give you an advantage on Friday night. Not this year, at least not for coaches who have this at their fingertips.

Today we take a glance at the FirstDown PlayBook Shield Punt section. We have it broken down into these areas. 1. Formations  2. Protection 3.  Coverage 4.  Rugby 5.  Fakes & Trick Plays and finally 6. Technique.

Watch this short video to see how your special teams game plan has gotten better and you haven’t even started working on it yet!

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