Spread Punt & Defense Techniques Updated

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 20, 2020

Just a note today to let all of you Spread Punt loyalist know that we have not forgotten about you. As we went through the special teams webinars we were updating all of the technique areas.

We covered the six phases of special teams but our punt clinics primarily focused on Shield Punt and defending Shield Punt. What we have begun working on this past weekend is updating the Spread Punt and Spread Punt Defense technique sections.

We should have this knocked out by the first part of this week. If you have any questions about this take a look at this short video as we explain. Also know that Super Bowl Champion Dave Toub’s point charts are now up in this section.

This is a very detailed system that allows you to grade your special teams play fairly. It also will serve to motivate and incentivize your players. There are points awarded for the small things that are big advantages in special teams when they are reinforced!

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