Sprint Pass Curl Wheel
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 6, 2018

FirstDown PlayBook took in a high school game last night and both teams ran versions of the Wing T which is to say that there was not much of a passing game to talk about here but when they did throw the football there was one thing that stuck out.

Both football teams were getting their quarterbacks out of the pocket for the throw by either incorporating bootleg passes or sprinting out. Granted that some of this was predicated by scheme but if you set the X’s and O’s aside for a moment there was another apparent reason.

Both teams had quarterbacks on the field that needed all the help they could get in regards to arm strength and making the throws to the intermediate and deep parts of the secondary. The other obvious reason was that if everything broke down with the route integrity then the quarterback still had an option to run for yardage.

As most of your FirstDown PlayBook members know, we have been upgrading our sprint pass game part of the Varsity section. We left the football game knowing it is a very necessary resource for our coaches. This section is something for high school and youth football coaches to take a hard look at. This morning we want to take you through one of our recent sprint pass concepts.


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