Still A Place For Play Action Pass

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 30, 2019

As the run pass option style of football has grown and prospered over the past four or five years there has been a lot of noise made about what it is and what it isn’t. Most of the noise has come from internet gurus who love to break down the latest football trends and boost their social media following with their insights.

There is a big discussion to be had about when coaches first started allowing players to make the decision of run vs pass after the ball was snapped. After all, the RPO and the Play Action pass game are close cousins if not brothers, because once again, it all gets down to who makes the decision of run or pass.

The decision is made by the player when a run pass option is called and the decision is predetermined by the coach when a play action pass is called. We understand that this runs the risk of oversimplifying it but here’s why we go there. If you were to ask some coaches they would tell you that there is no longer a need for play action passes.

In our opinion that’s where these coaches are wrong. There is still a place for the coach who wants to take a little of the burden off of a young quarterback. There is still a place for the coach who understands that the RPO system allows some coaches to always point at the player when the play doesn’t work. So in our opinion there is still plenty of juice left for the play action pass game and the protections that are to be taught with them.

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