Stop Running Through 7v7 Zone Coverages

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 22, 2019

FirstDown PlayBook is down at the Villages in Florida for the Florida High School 7v7 Association Stae Championship this weekend. Before we get into today’s X and O’s part of it, we want to take a moment to commend Will Dettor and his crew for doing a fantastic job with this thing.

One can only imagine the amount of work he has put into organizing this and the other competitions leading up to today’s championship play. We are proud to be a part of it and we also will be rewarding the winners of the 7on7 and Offensive Line Battle Ground competitions with free FirstDown PlayBook memberships for the 2019 season!

As we watched the 7on7 part of it yesterday, we saw so many talented athletes out there. This is to be expected as no one produces more elite athletes on the gridiron than the state of Florida. There was a lot of man coverage being played and the offensive coordinators definitely noticed.

The offensive coordinators dialed up a lot of crossing routes full of ways to rub and pick defenders as the receivers crossed the middle of the field. There was one common mistake that we saw yesterday on the part of the receivers and the quarterback. It was happening when the defense mixed in the occasional zone coverage. We talk about that today in the coaching video below.

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