Super Bowl Champ’s Special Teams Grading Chart

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 2, 2020

Without batting an eye and without a shadow of doubt we can guarantee you that the lack of practice due to the Covid crisis will affect special teams more than any other part of the game this fall.

This quite possibly might be across the board too. What we mean by that is it will affect all levels. The NFL, college football and certainly high school football. At the high school level if two teams are even close in talent, special teams execution can be the difference on regular basis. That will now be magnified this season.

The smart coach will keep their game plans small and sharp. Don’t try to do something you haven’t had time to practice enough. Out execute your opponents with the fundamentals.

You obviously have to know what you are teaching and practice it correctly. Today, however, we want to point out that how you grade and motivate your special teams units is critical as well.

FirstDown PlayBook was fortunate to work with Super Champion Dave Toub of the Kansas City Chiefs for two years at the Chicago Bears. Dave taught me a very detailed system for grading individual effort and execution with special teams on game day.

We have now shared that with out FirstDown PlayBook coaches. Today’s video explains it with more detail.

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