Super Bowl D-Line Delight

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 7, 2020

The Kansas City defensive players and coaches had to be pumped with the way they got off the field for the last time in Super Bowl LIV. For all practical purposes it was a sack although Garoppolo manage to get a fluttering ball out of his hand late.

As much as it looked like the Chiefs dialed up a pressure we are not so sure here. It looks like the 49ers seven man protected it and there might have been some green dogging going on late.

The most interesting thing was the defensive line three man twist on the center and two guards. It was a thing of beauty if you are a defensive line coach or a defensive line player.

As USA Football’s Keith Grabowski points out in this short video. The Chiefs knew which direction the center was turning and took full advantage of it. The poor dude had no chance and neither did Garoppolo as far as getting the ball off.

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