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Cowboys Create Conflict Of Assignment For TD

Posted on December 23rd, 2020

Dalton fakes a flip opposite of the jet sweep. A combination of this and the good job Gallup does creates a big conflict of assign...

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Lauren’s First And Goal Coaches Clinic January 14-17

Posted on December 16th, 2020

Lauren's First And Goal is presenting it's first annual Coaches Clinic on January 14-17. This looks to be the best clinic being o...

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FirstDown PlayBook Repost: Fired Again…

Posted on December 14th, 2020

I am reposting this with the hopes that if you are a fan or the media you will pause before you say or write about something you d...

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FirstDown PlayBook Presents To NFL China’s Nanjing Tigers

Posted on December 13th, 2020

Click on the play below to see how FirstDown PlayBook is helping Rod Woodson and the NFL spread the message about the benefits of ...

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Packers Put On Four Minute Football Clinic

Posted on December 9th, 2020

The Packers found themselves in a four minute situation this past Sunday with about two and a half minutes left in the game. Here'...

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Jabril Peppers Defines Block Destruction Vs Seattle

Posted on December 8th, 2020

Jabril Peppers walks to the line of scrimmage pre-snap and the Seattle tight end goes in return motion. Once the ball was snapped ...

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Repost: End Of The Season Coaches Exit Interviews

Posted on December 5th, 2020

Not every high school coach will need this in 2020 but for you who do this is an excellent read by Anthony Stone on exit interview...

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Green Bay’s Tonyan Displays The Huge “Little Things”

Posted on December 1st, 2020

These are all attributes that add up in the NFL. They are often why one talented player lasts two years and another player stays i...

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The Scouting Academy Shows Us Blocking Tight Ends Are Not Totally Extinct!

Posted on November 26th, 2020

There is still a role in the NFL for a tight end who can block and catch. Minnesota's Irv Smith Jr. is an example of this on today...

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FirstDown PlayBook Black Friday Sale!

Posted on November 21st, 2020

FirstDown PlayBook is excited to announce our 2020 Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. All Individual memberships are 20% off!...

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Mahomes Creates His Own Misdirection

Posted on November 18th, 2020

If you have a quarterback on your roster who attracts a lot of attention in the run game, this might be a play you want to conside...

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Wait? Pay How Much For A Virtual Football Clinic?

Posted on November 15th, 2020

We can obviously help you organize your playbook. We can also provide you with a better professional football clinic experience fo...

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