Take Your Youth Football PlayGrids To the Game

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 17, 2021

One of the worst feelings in the world as a football coach is when you’re searching for adjustments in the middle of a game. The most experienced coaches in the world know that the best way to be avoid this is to go to the game prepared. As a youth football coach, the FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrids can save the day in a big way.

As a defensive coach, your number one job is to get your players lined up. That means you have to be prepared for however your opponent comes out of the huddle. It could be a spread formation one snap and a double wing the next.

Defensive rules will go a long way to help you with this but you can do more than that. You should be taking visual teaching aides to help you make adjustments on the sideline. This is where the FirstDown PlayGrids come in. The PlayGrids help you give your defense a snap shot of the formations all on the same page.

PlayGrids Give You All Of Your Youth Football Adjustments On One Sheet

This allows you to say “when you get a wing line up like this”. “When the tackle is uncovered line up this way”. Remember, all of this is happening in the heat of the moment. You don’t have time to be fumbling through multiple pieces of paper. Your PlayGrids condenses it all right there for you and your defense.

Also, on our way out today, we want to also mention that PlayGrids are an excellent practice coaching tool too. You can take them to practice and even email them to your players so they can study their alignments before they ever get to practice. Let’s take a look at this short video to get started!