Teach With PlayGrids Directly Off Of Your Computer

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 18, 2020

FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrid is like a lot of things when it comes to this powerful playbook tool. There are a lot of different ways to use PlayGrids.

We know a lot of our coaches are printing out the PlayGrids and using them in their weekly installs and PlayBooks. That is great way to use them because the time you save is going to be exponential once you get good at using them.

There is another way though. You can teach right off of your computer. Yes, you can project your 2/4/6 box diagrams up on a screen but here is the important part. As you are teaching off of one particular diagram you can focus on that play.

You do this by tapping on the play that you are teaching and it blows up to near full screen for your players. This prevents you from talking about one diagram and the players possibly looking at the others. The focus is not diluted. Want to learn more? Watch this short one and a half minute video and you will have a new outlook on how to use the FirstDown PlayBook PlayGrid section.

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