Teach & Work Your Players. Don’t Lecture Them.

By FirstDown PlayBook on Sep 7, 2020

Recently we have been touching on some things that can help you be more efficient as you coach your youth football team, or really any level of football for that matter. Today we want to focus on how to get your players working instead of listening to you talk. Here are a few tips.

Once the players get to your drill, quickly teach them what they are working on and the best way to do that is to show them a picture by example. Either you (be careful) or some of your more experienced players should demonstrate the technique or drill and then get busy working on it with the whole group. If you spend more than a minute or so talking then you are already losing the attention of your group.

Let’s face it, we all hate to stand in lines and that includes kids. If you want to lose the attention of a young football player in the year 2020 just have them stand in a line for more than thirty seconds. Set your drills up so that if at all possible the players are always involved and the only time they are not is when they are catching their breath in between repetitions.

Trust us when we say that your players will listen to you but players do not normally like to listen to a coach as much as the coach enjoys listening to themself. Avoid falling into this trap. Keep your players moving and practicing not constantly listening to you talk.

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