Teaching Kickoff Coverage With Defensive Terminology

By FirstDown PlayBook on Mar 29, 2020

Although we are not a big proponent of kicking the ball in the middle of the field on kickoff we do concede two things:

1. Your kicker may not be able to kick the ball where you want it. (outside of the numbers please).

2. If you want to learn how to coach the kickoff team you need to understand defense. The responsibilities are very similar when you break it down.

About number two before we get started here. If you are a defensive coach, don’t ever turn your nose up at this special teams phase if you are asked to coach it. It is your first defensive play and if it goes badly you are going to be making the rest of your calls on that series from spots on the field you don’t like.

Here is how we like to break the coverage responsibilities down so they make sense to defensive players.

The 2, 3 and 4 are your OLB’s, Ends and Tackles. They play similar responsibilities as your front in a 6-2 defense.

The 5’s are your fast flow LB’s. The will react freely to the ball.

The 1’s are your cover 3 Corners except they have no pass to defend.

The Kicker is your middle Safety and is the last line of defense.

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