TeachTape Thursday: Interior Pass Rush Alert!

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 3, 2021

Interior pass rush alert! We know nothing disrupts a passing attack like pressure up the middle. QB’s hate it, and it ends up throwing the whole timing of the play off.

Here, we’ll watch Chargers NT Linval Joseph demonstrate how to win in the pass rush with great hand usage. On this particular play, Joseph gets a 1-on-1 matchup with the guard.

As soon as he recognizes what the blocker is trying to do, Joseph executes a “forklift” technique. He gets his right hand under the RG’s elbow, then lifts. The blocker is forced to let go and relinquish the advantage to Joseph.

With his opponent off-balance, the Chargers NT finishes off the move with an arm-over to clear the block. He now has a clear path to the QB. The passer has to move off his spot and throw before he is ready.

When a DL can utilize hand fighting techniques as well as Joseph does on this play, he is going to win lots of one-on-one matchups. 

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