Thank You Sports Moms!
By FirstDown PlayBook on May 14, 2017

By Charlie Coiner

My mother was very young when she had me. Since my age is public record so to speak I won’t say how young, but trust me she was young. I think about my mom more these days when I see other young mothers working to raise their children as well as they can. I think we all tend to see our mothers as they are today and not how they were when we were kids. After all, they age just like you do right? It’s hard to imagine your mother as a very young girl trying to do everything she can to make sure this kid turns out okay. I happened to come from a two parent family at the time but as we all know this is not always the case either. This makes the challenge of raising a child even more demanding.

Moms can be seen running up and down the roads every day to get their kids to practices or games. I think about my mother and how many times she had to get me to football, baseball or basketball practices and games. Let’s face it, the family schedule pretty much revolved around my sister or my sports activities. Both of my parents worked and I know that is not unique so that makes it even more challenging.

So why do parents and moms in particular do it? Do they think they are getting their kids involved in the early stages of a budding professional career? Well maybe in some cases (mostly with dad’s) but in general, no this is not what they are doing. These mothers are hoping and praying that the adults they are turning their kids over to will help them grow and mature into good people.

Think about it. It’s a huge leap of faith for these moms to turn their child over to the football coaches who will instruct them and make an impact on them at this very impressionable age. Now for some dads it might be some type of “rights of passage” thing but for most moms it’s please don’t get my child hurt and teach them how to work hard and have fun. If they learn how to play football along the way then great.

Youth coaches all the way up through college coaches have a tremendous responsibility to provide a good example while teaching things like mental toughness, discipline and teamwork in the process. When a mom hands over her child to a coach they are trusting that their young one will come back to them a better person. They know the odds of their child playing in the NFL are small but the odds of their child needing these positive character traits are pretty much 100%.

So Mom, thank you and happy Mothers Day. To the many moms out there doing the very same things today that my mom did back then, thank you also on this special day because sports and particularly this game of football teaches life lessons that last forever. There is no doubt that sports and the game of football affected my life for the better. I appreciate my mom’s leap of faith as she entrusted me to my coaches.

I hope every coach realizes and appreciates this as today’s moms turn their kids over to them. It’s an enormous responsibility. It might not always be pretty and it might not always be easy but we all hope that the child they pick up each day is a little more prepared for life than they were when they were dropped off.