The Painful Details
By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 27, 2019

Regardless of what you try to accomplish in life there are likely small details that have to be accounted for in order for you to be successful. They are the hidden things that determine one person’s success and another’s failure.

Coaching football allows you to experience this first hand pretty much every week. As we were watching the New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys play Sunday afternoon it jumped out as an excellent example of this.

The Patriots took advantage of at least three special teams situations in that game. There was the obvious one, the blocked punt. A closer look revealed that the weather and wind weighed heavy with Belichick’s decision to attempt the block. Post game interviews reveal he thought the punter would attempt to punt the ball with the crosswind.

The second occurred when the Patriots sky kicked a kickoff understanding the weather patterns in Gillette stadium at the time which ended up with the ball on the ground. The Cowboys were lucky to recover it.

Finally there was the overload of the Cowboys’ punt team which resulted in two delay of games. This was all surely designed with the weather in mind. Please understand it was designed back in July just for this situation. Once again, it’s the painful little details.

This week on All 22 Tuesday we took a quick glance at this and another kicking game situation that showed up this weekend. Both the New England game and Georgia game show how the painful little details can win or lose a football game for you.

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