The Power Of Always & Never (Part One)

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 23, 2021

We want to come back tomorrow with a follow up blog and video on this topic. The general premise is that the words “Always” and “Never” are powerful words for any coach and should be used as much as possible.

Good coaches have to be careful not to have a different assignment for every slight change that the defense presents. Good coaches also are on alert about having “exceptions” to their ironclad rules.

A lot of coaches talk about playing fast and playing with tempo. That is certainly an advantage, especially if you can play error free football while you do it. If you have very much thinking going on as you execute your tempo offense you can bet one of two things is going to happen…

  1. Your players are going to make mistakes.
  2. Your players are going to slow down to think.

As you all know by now, we help you with football plays and playbooks. We think that a visual representation of what the play is designed to do and how you do it is imperative. We also firmly believe the coaching points and player assignments are critical.

More on that tomorrow…

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