The Power Of Always & Never (Part Two)

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 24, 2021

One of the great lessons you learn from coaching in the NFL is that if you don’t “keep it real” your players will remind you of that in a hurry. One example that comes to mind is when I was coaching the tight ends at Buffalo.

We were in a position meeting after a game and I was making a big deal to one of our younger players about an assignment mistake. One of our veterans, Robert Royal, who I respected a lot spoke up and said “Yeah but Charlie, you are not seeing it like he sees it.”

Determined to stand my ground, I said “What the hell are you talking about Robert? We are all seeing it right now. The video does not lie.” Robert quickly and accurately replied, Charlie we are seeing it from the camera on the top of the stadium and with you running that remote back and forth. The real game is not played that way.”

It was such an accurate and powerful point that I will never forget. As coaches, we sometimes coach on a video screen, a grease board, or on a diagram. All of these things are essential to coaching but only if used correctly.

When we (coaches) are developing our offense, defense or special teams schemes we should always do it through he eyes of the player. The same players who are playing when tired, in a three point stance and executing your “tempo’ offense.

Today’s video addresses this. It also explains why as a coach, you should be a hard master to yourself when developing your player assignments and coaching points. Sure, yelling at your players is easier but this way is more effective.

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