The WHO and WHY of 1st Down Technologies

By FirstDown PlayBook on Nov 19, 2012

1st Down Technologies has enjoyed wonderful success as a new sports mobile software company. In less than a year since our initial launch – Jan. 2012 – our FirstDown PlayBook™ Dropback app, which is exclusively available on the Apple iTunes or App Store locations, currently enjoys exposure in over 15 countries worldwide and has over 20,000 mobile downloads and growing. Likewise, our FirstDown PlayBook™ Youth Web app launched in August 2012 and already has strong affiliate support from the likes of – Wilson Sporting Goods, Youth Football Coaches Association,, and many new and seasoned football coaches at all levels of the game.

The video below was recently created to allow our visitors and customers to learn more about Who exactly is responsible for this tremendous company and product growth and WHY the company was created in the first place.

The WHO & WHY of 1st Down Technologies

We hope you find this helpful as you trust us as the reliable source for time-saving football plays and playbook technology that allows you to focus more on player development and less time consumed with drawing plays.

Contact Us anytime to share how you use the App(s), how you feel we can improve, and tell us about your role – team name, league, age group, and how you got involved in football. Thank you for helping us ‘Keep the Drive Alive.’