This Field Goal Fake Is Good Vs Base Looks

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 18, 2018

When a special teams coach dials up a field goal or extra point fake they normally will hedge their bet a little by requiring that the snapper or the holder get a specific look in order to actually run the fake. The coach may also say “run the fake unless you get these numbers to the fake side”.

This is a smart strategy because often times the fake has little to no chance for success unless the defense plays a certain look, one that has normally been scouted out on video during the week of game preparation. Today we want to take a look at a field goal fake that opens up the possibility of actually getting the play run because it is normally pretty good vs base field goal defensive looks.

There are elements of this fake that are scary to some coaches because it involves your holder blindly flipping the ball over their shoulder to a kicker who is on the move. However, when you stop and think about the time that these two spend together each week, it seems like there would be plenty of time to get this perfected.

Todays short video takes you through this fake that we just simply call “Flip Right” or “Flip Left”. As you will see this can be executed with a high degree of success vs even the most balanced generic field goal defensive looks if the execution is carried out properly.


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