This Mis-Direction Works At All Levels Of Ball
By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 30, 2019

Yesterday on All 22 Tuesday we reviewed four significant football plays from this past weekend. One of them was from the San Francisco Forty Niners game against Carolina. As you will see in the video below, the offensive staff did an excellent job of splitting the defense with the scheme.

When you look at the play it becomes obvious that Carolina is forced to defend a speed option threat out to one side and a jet sweep out to the other. Which direction did the football go? Neither. That’s right the ball gets handed underneath to one of the bunch players on a counter that hits inside.

Other than the fact that the San Francisco staff had a great offensive game plan there was something else that stood out to us here at FirstDown PlayBook. There are elements of this play that show up in our plays for college football, high school football, youth football and get this…even flag football.

As you take a look at this short video keep in mind that although your youth football team and certainly not your flag football is going to be a physical as these guys, there are elements that you can use. There are many FirstDown PlayBook flag football plays available to you that block a defense with the mis-direction just like this play.

That also holds true for our youth football offensive plays. We just randomly went in and grabbed this one but there are many others that fir this description. So as you get ready for your next flag or youth football contest make sure you have enough misdirection on your call sheet.


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