This Needs To Be In Your Flag Football PlayBook

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 22, 2021

FirstDown PlayBook is excited to have recently partnered with the NAIA as the official playbook of NAIA football and NAIA Women’s Flag football.

Every now and then there is a play that we see as we are watching eleven man football that applies to flag football as well. This past weekend it happened in the Green Bay vs Los Angeles game.

The Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett had the perfect play called on 3rd & 1 from the one yard line. Hackett and Rodgers essentially got it down to a one on one red zone drill.

Most offenses would try to run it in from the one yard line but most offenses don’t have to block Aaron Donald. Green Bay runs a little rub or pick pass here off of Davante Adams’ motion.

The timing of this play makes it difficult to defend regardless of if you are playing man or zone. The Rams are in man coverage on this particular play.

When you coach or play flag football, you will be playing or attacking man coverage most of the time too. That’s why this video is an excellent watch as you begin putting your flag football playbook together. Take a look and see why.

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