This “Youth Football” Defense Wins JR HS Championships

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 15, 2020

I had lunch with an old coaching buddy in Nashville Monday at the AFCA convention. I coached with this guy a million years ago when we were young coaches at the college level. At some point he got smart and decided to spend more time with his family and moved into high school football.

He is now in charge of the defense at a very successful middle school program. As we were talking about the differences with coaching the different age groups, we started talking about his defensive scheme at his middle school.

He began to describe the beauty of having a very simple defense where the kids can play multiple positions if injuries occur. At some point I was trying to find his defense in the FirstDown PlayBook varsity section when I realized that he is actually running one of our youth football defenses.

Now remember that I just said he wins the championship every year and has coached college football before you smirk. The message here is that your defense does not have to complex. It just needs to be sound.

The other message is that if you are a youth football coach, your defense should be simple. This is why FirstDown PlayBook offers you five different youth football defensive packages that will ensure you are sound every time the ball is snapped. Check this video out to learn more.

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