Three Things To Do If Your Offensive Line Is Banged Up

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jun 13, 2021

Anyone who has coached the offensive line long enough understands that injuries can blow your entire season up if you are not prepared. Why is this different than any other position you ask? Well, it’s because these five players work so closely together that losing any one of them can mess with the entire unit.

Preparing for these almost inevitable injuries can happen in several ways. One is to have your lineman coached up on multiple positions. This will allow you to play your five best healthy lineman, instead of your second string center who might not be in your top eight linemen.

Another way is to have things in your game plan that take the pressure off of a “pieced together” offensive line. When we think of this we immediately think about protections. Why? Because if this is not addressed then you might end up with a quarterback injury too.

Here are a few ways that you can also protect your offensive line some if the injury bug hits your unit this fall…

Quick Game

You can install more quick game answers into your game plan. This is always helpful and often times there are simple answers in the passing game that can make your offensive line a lot more effective.

Use Tight Ends & Backs To Chip

You can also look to beef up your protection by using your Tight Ends and Running Backs more for protection help and chipping on their way out to their route. This can take some work, but it is an effective way to help your protection if the technique is taught correctly.

Always Have Screens In Your Game Plan

Another answer might be to inject more screen passes into your game plan. FirstDown PlayBook definitely understands the value of the screen pass game. It’s a way to help your offensive line out a little but it is also a way to get the ball into an athlete’s hands in space and let him work.

We also look at screen passes as run plays because often times they are blocked up slightly differently depending on the defensive front that is played on the other side of the ball. That’s why we draw up all of our screen passes against five different fronts. This gives your offensive line a detailed look at how to block the different looks out in space.

So as you prepare for the 2021 season, we hope that most of what we have looked at here won’t apply to you and your unit. However, if it does, then the things we have mentioned above will give you a chance to be successful until you get your starters back on the field again.

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