Titans’ 10 Man Punt Formation A Mistake?

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 22, 2020

Anyone who watched the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Tennessee Titans this past weekend saw plenty of great football plays to dissect. Just watching Mahomes create Favre like plays with his legs and arm was entertaining enough.

The play we want to focus on here today though is the fake punt that the Titans pulled of vs the Chiefs late in the fourth quarter. The Titans are down two scores with six minutes and some change left in the game when this play was run. Also, be aware that it is 4th and 8 not 4th and 2.

There are a string of interesting things about this play starting with the fact that the Titans lined up with ten men initially. The entire stadium including Tony Romo is thinking that it’s just another obstacle to a Tennessee comeback.

We think a closer look reveals something different. Credit my pal over at USA Football Keith Grabowski for pointing this out to us. We think that the Titans did this intentionally to get the Chiefs to let down their guard a little.

We may never know the answer to this, although I am going to ask the two coaches when I see them next. The uniqueness of this play doesn’t stop there though. Tennessee runs a perfectly executed fake punt that we think would have been hard to defend even with a punt safe or eight box defensive look.

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