TRAINING CAMP – Fighting for an NFL Roster Spot

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 25, 2012



What’s the date? Actually, what DAY is it? Ah, it doesn’t matter…let me explain.

It’s NFL football training camp time. My wake-up call rings loud and clear at 6:30 am. It’s time to head to breakfast and start the day.  After a few eggs, some hash browns, and a piece of toast, I wait outside for the shuttle to the Saint’s facilities.

The days are long and hot here in the South. The heat index today is 112 degrees – which is HOT for this Utah boy! The news, playing in the locker room prior to practice, advised people to stay inside until the weekend’s cooler weather arrived.  We heed no such advisory. After all, someone else wants the same roster spot that I’m battling for.

Ten pounds of sweat loss later, practice is over and we head to the weight room for a lift. After hitting the weight room, it’s 20 minutes in the cold-tub, a quick shower, and then lunch.  Next, we go to the meeting room for playbook study.  After meetings, we get ready to take the field for another grueling practice session.

Now it’s time for shower number 2, and a shuttle ride back to the hotel for dinner.  After dinner we go to a team meeting, where Coach Vitt talks to the team, followed by a designated rookie performance of the song of their choice. I don’t know, I think I prefer the heat. After cheers, laughs, or boos, we break down into a special teams meeting.  From there we have an offensive team meeting, and then a position meeting to finish out the night.

It’s now around 10:15pm. The days are long and yet fly by when you’re fighting for a roster spot. We head to the cafeteria to grab a snack, and then back to the room for the 11:00pm ‘lights out and bed check’.  There isn’t a ton of sleeping going on when you are trying to learn a new offense, as the extra study time comes in handy for the following day.

Ok, I’m still not sure what the date is, or even what day it is.  But that’s the beauty of training camp… it doesn’t matter because every day is the same. The key is to stay in the playbook, take it day to day, have fun, and hydrate-hydrate-hydrate!

What next? Oh, goodnight! I have to get ready to battle.

Note: Derek Schouman is also the FirstDown PlayBook™ play architect.


Image Credit: 1st Down Technologies event photo