Tramon Williams’ Patience Gives Him The Complete Picture
By Will Cinelli on Jul 23, 2020

By Will Cinelli, The Scouting Academy

Most Thursdays here on the FirstDown PlayBook Coaches Community website we will feature a breakdown of personnel and technique. This is provided by our friends over at The Scouting Academy who are our go to experts in this field!

Man coverage requires both physical and mental talent to play at a high level. If you play Press Man, the requirements are more physical. Off Man requires much more mental processing to play effectively, though there is definitely a level of athletic ability needed to win with this scheme.

Here, Green Bay CB Tramon Williams demonstrates patience and discipline to put himself in position to make the play, and then the burst necessary at the last minute to actually win the rep and break up the pass.

Playing close to the box, many defenders would fall for the play action machinations of the OL and backfield, especially with the pulling guard. Williams, though, is patient and shows good eye discipline, staying focused on his man, the TE. As the TE releases behind the defense, Williams reacts well with a smooth transition and shows burst to quickly put himself in the back pocket of the TE. He is in great position now to make a play on the ball and create the PBU.

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