Tuesday 10 A Gap Twist For Punt Block TD

By FirstDown PlayBook on Oct 20, 2015

TUESDAY 10It does not get much better than this when you are scheming up a punt block with the intention of putting the Snapper on an island and picking him all at the same time. The Saints did an excellent job of timing this up and setting the initial look up so that the Personal Protector would send the Snapper away from the pick and to the Looper coming across his face.

As happens many times when a twist is carried out properly the penetrator is the one who ends up getting the block or sack. See FirstDown PlayBook’s article “Twist And Shout” on just this very thing.


Punt Block Final

This was a big time tempo setter for the Saints in a must win game last Thursday night. Be sure to check this one and nine other huge plays from the NFL’s week number six when we release our Tuesday 10 later today!

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