Two Tight End Hitch Screen

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 31, 2020

Today we are going to take a look at a two tight end hitch screen. We like it a lot because of what the personnel and formation does to a defense before the ball is even snapped. Before we do this though we want to point out the value of screens in your offense.

When I was working for the Chicago Bears I remember being in an offensive meeting where we were studying the screen game. Someone who had previously worked with Andy Reid made this point. He said that Reid thought the screen game was so important that they had a screen period every practice.

That always stuck with me because if you watch Reid’s teams play you normally see this reflected even today. This is probably because his background is as an offensive line coach. As we all know, having a good screen attack can take a lot of pressure off of your offensive line.

FirstDown PlayBook has devoted an entire section to the screen game in the Varsity Offense section. This hitch screen is just one example of many others. Trust us when we say it is deep. As you will see in the video below we block up all of your screens against multiple fronts just like we do your runs and protections.

The icing on the cake here is that, of course, you can use FirstDown PlayBook to edit all of these screens to fit your offense and personnel!