Unbalanced Football Plays Vs Realistic Defenses

By FirstDown PlayBook on Feb 12, 2018

To be honest, it drives us here at FirstDown PlayBook a little batty at times but we see it a lot.

As you know we have been installing unbalanced run plays in FirstDown PlayBook.

As we have been doing a little research to see what different coaches are doing, we have seen an awful lot of schemes drawn up and video clips of the offense taking advantage of the fact that the defense has not adjusted to the personnel or the unbalanced line.

While this draws up well for an article and may look good on a video clip it is our thought that this is not the way to prepare because good coaches coach defense too.

You can bet that they are going to adjust to your unbalanced attack more often than not regardless of how fast you play and when they do you will be better off if you have coached your team up off of realistic looks.

If you bring in an extra offensive lineman, two tight ends and a fullback into the game and then line up in an unbalanced formation you can expect these three things:

  1. The defense is going to get big with their personnel too.
  2. The defense is going to adjust to the unbalanced line with their defensive front.
  3. The defense is going start filling up those extra gaps you have created.

Today’s short video takes you through one of our unbalanced goal line football plays and talks about how we detail the blocking schemes against realistic defenses designed to stop these formations.

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