Unbalanced Formations Made Easy

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 9, 2022
Easily Find Unbalanced Formations In FirstDown PlayBook

Unbalanced formations can be tricky. They are tricky because they return you to the roots of the game of football. You must rely on the rules of what makes a player eligible. You must also adjust to a four or even five man surface on defense.

FirstDown PlayBook has always done our due diligence when it comes to this aspect of football. We have installed unbalanced football plays from each of our youth football formations. Attention has also been paid to unbalanced formations adjustment for each of our youth football defenses.

Be Careful. Unbalanced Formations Are Hard For Both Teams.

If you know anything about FirstDown PlayBook you know we urge caution when addressing this with youth football coaches. Unbalanced or heavy formations can confuse a defense, no doubt. However, a youth football offense can be easily confused too because the defense may line up in an unrecognizable front.

Having said that, we want you to be able to find unbalanced football plays and defenses as quickly as possible. This short video takes you through just how easy that is now with the new search engine. As you will see there are hundreds of these unique plays and defenses in FirstDown PlayBook.

All of them have coaching points provided by coaches who have worked at the NFL level. You can take these unbalanced formations and others then edit them to fit your team. If you want, you can even draw your own plays and defenses from scratch. You will have the best football playbook drawing tool at your fingertips.

So proceed with cation but by all means, proceed if you are looking for unbalanced formation help. One last point before we head out. There is a lot of varsity unbalanced help in here too. If you are a high school or college coach, don’t fall asleep on this. It could save you a ton of time.

Easily Find Unbalanced Formations In FirstDown PlayBook
Easily Find Unbalanced Formations In FirstDown PlayBook