Under Armour All-America Game Features Smart Coaching

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jan 4, 2022

You have heard us talk and write about it before. One of the most challenging rewards you will ever earn is when they say “Hey Coach. You are the All Star Coach!” Well, that is what FirstDown PlayBook coach Chad Johnson takes on every year about this time. Chad was the offensive coordinator for the winners “Team Icon” in the 2022 Under Armour All-America game played on Sunday.

Many of you know that Chad is the head coach at California high school power Mission Viejo. Chad has used FirstDown PlayBook for several years at Mission Viejo. He also uses it as the offensive coordinator in the Under Armour All-Star game. This year saw his team jump out to a 17-0 lead and never look back as they won 23-17.

When you coach an all-star team there is a fine line between the amount of scheme you use and letting the players play. Face it. You do not have much time with them and distractions are a premium. This year’s game week proved to be even more challenging because of limited meeting time due to Covid.

When Chad called us, he knew that it would be important to get the plays and the Under Armour All-America game playbook to his offensive players as soon as possible. This was particularly true for the Team Icons’ quarterbacks. Thanks to FirstDown PlayBook they had a chance to know the playbook before they got off of the plane in Orlando.

Maybe that had something to do with the first play of the game. Chad and his staff knew they would get the ball in the middle of the field because there are no kickoffs in the Under Armour All-America Game. They coached the X to cheat his split down inside. The Icons’ quarterback could now easily read this zone RPO.

If the Mike linebacker and the corner played a bracket on the X then the run would be blocked up. If the Mike linebacker cheated in the box, that meant the corner had man coverage on X. The corner had all of that field to defend the “Otter” or out route. Yes, coaching and playbook detail matters. Click on the drawing to see a great example of Chad Johnson & his offensive staff coaching and getting it done this weekend!

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