USA Football: Return To Youth Football 2020

By FirstDown PlayBook on May 29, 2020

From where we sit here at FirstDown PlayBook, there are still as many questions as there are answers when it comes to a safe return to football in 2020. Every level of football brings it’s own complexities.

We will work through the complexities. We always have and we always will. The focus is and should be on how to do it the right way or at least the best way we know.

When it comes to youth football, we know of no better resource than our friends over at USA Football. So today, we want to step out of the way and direct you to this very helpful page we have followed on their website.

One of the hardest things about all of this has been the lack of credible information and finding realistic timelines for an incremental return to normal. We think this is a good read for parents looking for sound guidelines. We hope you find it as informative as we have.

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