USA Football’s Brendan Leister Breaks Down 2018 NFL Fly Motions

By FirstDown PlayBook on Apr 1, 2019

We have a real treat today as USA Football’s Brendan Leister takes us through some of the ways that NFL coaches have incorporated fly motion during this past 2018 season. FirstDown PlayBook has once again provided the diagrams.

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By USA Football’s Brendan Leister

During the 2018 season, NFL teams used fly motion more than ever before. Today, we take a look at five concepts NFL teams paired with fly motion.

The offense lines up in a 12 personnel, 2×2 formation. The offensive line works to reach the defender over them to create a lane on the right edge. The left flanker goes in fly motion and takes the handoff before bubbling back to get depth and accelerate to the outside. The right flanker blocks the corner while the RB and QB fake inside zone to the left after the handoff to the flanker.

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