USA Football’s Grabowski Talks RPO’s With KU Assistant

By FirstDown PlayBook on Jul 26, 2019

Today we are hooking you up with another great USA Football article by Brendan Leister and Keith Grabowski’s Coach and Coordinator podcast that accompanies it. If you are a FirstDown PlayBook member you can find all of the plays in this article in your Varsity Offense “Specials” area.

By Brendan Leister | Posted 7/22/2019

On this Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski discussed all things RPO with Kansas Jayhawks senior offensive consultant Brent Dearmon. While at Bethel University (Minn.), Dearmon’s offense led all of college football with 55 points per game. Prior to that, Dearmon coached with Gus Malzahn at Auburn and Arkansas State.

For coaches who are installing RPOs for the first time, Coach Dearmon recommends narrowing down the run game to four or five concepts that the offense runs best. He cited inside zone as a great starting point because the QB will be protected with every gap covered. Any RPO can be built off inside zone because with a backside TE or H-back the QB should be protected from C-gap to C-gap.

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