Use Favorites To Build Your PlayGrids

By FirstDown PlayBook on Aug 16, 2020

As you begin using FirstDown PlayBook more and more your “My Play” or “Team Play” areas will begin to get crowded. We want to take a moment today to give you a little tip on how you can avoid this issue as you create your PlayGrids.

The plays that you edit will still show up in your “My Play” or “Team Play” area. However, after you get your plays ready to add to your PlayGrids consider doing this. Go in and favorite those plays.

You can then go create your PlayGrid from the “Favorites” section. After that, you can choose to unfavorite the plays if you want and it will not delete your PlayGrid plays. This will allow you to keep your plays and defenses at a manageable number as you continue to create future PlayGrids.

If you are a coach who has a lot of information in FirstDown PlayBook, this short two minute video will save you a lot of time as you begin creating your PlayGrids.

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